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A380 Airbus at BHX Airport

14 April, 2016

Written by Matthew

Working at airports is especially good when we get to go out on the ramp or airfield to see Share in action. Seeing teams using Share for operational reports (e.g. safety checks, stand inspections or turnaround audits) always gives us such insight into how we can help serve their reporting needs best.

Understanding how users carry out their tasks is central to what we do. Through seeing how staff interact with other teams, equipment and their environment we can help advise clients on how to build effective workflows and processes; through which they can then start to capture realtime data live across their airport, factory or facility.

But today was a little bit special as we had the great pleasure of inviting a group of London Heathrow staff down to meet with teams at Birmingham Airport to show them Share being used. All found the day very useful. It's good to see how collaborative airports can be in sharing insights, knowledge and best practice with each other.

Birmingham's teams really want to innovate and meet the challenges faced by a rapidly growing airport. Our ongoing working relationship with them is generating some really valuable efficiencies and improvements in reporting quality across all sorts of inspection scenarios. These benefits are often as a result of the workflow management capabilities of Share and it's messaging capabilities. All helping to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

But more about today! We had the added bonus of having to visit the newly constructed air bridges that service the new Emirates A380 service from Dubai. Just one of the flagship routes operating out of Birmingham. From a distance, side on, these look quite short and stumpy as they are the shorter A380-800 model. But up close these planes are huge, really impressive machines, with massive wings and four large engines. Once on stand, three airbridges start to move into position along the length of the plane, ready to offload the six hundred pax.

Birmingham Airport

So a really interesting day for the Share team, sharing our experiences and those of our BHX colleagues, with guys from the world's sixth largest airport! Thanks to all involved for a great day.

Birmingham Airport