Safety, Security & Operations

Get live results from checks, inspections and reports with

Have complete control of operational reporting - across your whole business

Our rich set of desktop tools and mobile apps has been designed to capture information about people places and things, live as it happens. Whether your workforce are a distributed mobile team or desktop based we can help you collect information from across your organisation, no matter where they are located.


Desktop & Mobile E-Forms's apps, e-reports and inspections can quickly be completed by your teams, wherever they are on any device and because is delivered as a cloud service (SAAS) it is ready to use straight away without hosting or infrastructure overheads.


Asset Management and Incident Reporting

Task tracking enables you to follow the location and status of tasks and personnel on an interactive map and gather proof of presence from random or planned security checkpoints, whilst automated problem escalation to business owners ensures active management of any incidents.


Patrol Scheduling and Coverage Monitoring

With our employee patrol scheduling and task reports you can ensure and prove that checks are compliant, detailed and completed to the required standard.


Detailed Reports and Information

Reports are far more than just words, takes reporting to the next level. Scan to identify locations and equipment, take photographs, message people to escalate problems and much more.

SeMS is the data and evidential back bone of your SeMS. Quickly and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures in detail, live as they happen. This in turn provides a complete audit trail of your security management approach.

Security Patrolling

Read more about our innovative security inspection and reporting solutions, which can be adapted to suit your operational needs. Manage, inspect, report and audit all compliance critical inspections and more with

Airfield Operations

Read about how we help a range of airfield teams including Airfield Ops, Ground Handlers, Safety Officers and Aircraft Engineers, communicate, report and gain approval for critical airfield operational activity.

Easily tailor scenarios to suit your local working practices using our intuitive and easy to use tools.

Optimised for any device

Our user centric design ethos means that all aspects of the product have been conceived and tested with ease of use in mind. Design, automate, and report within an adaptable Web based environment without writing any code. Packed with a host of user-friendly features it is clear and easy to use by teams and managers both on the ground or back at the office.

All the technological benefits of secure and systematic information storage and retrieval come as standard too. works and syncs between all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices allowing immediate input and access to a huge range of information.

The Powerful, Flexible and Intuitive Software System

Capture high quality information without worrying about connectivity issues with our intelligently syncing online and offline modes.


Systematic and Secure Information Storage

Digital Information is protected by multiple layers of security measures from regular point in time back-ups to multi-layered disaster recovery, ensuring your data is secure. The time-saving and rich information recording and retrieval benefits of systematic data management (SeMS) come as standard.


Adaptable to changing operational and regulatory needs

Process changes and improvements are easy too with our Drag & Drop workflow designer. Simply add the new steps or checks you require, then publish and the task is instantly in the hands of your mobile workforce giving you full control over your reporting procedures.


A Complete Audit Trail

Dashboards and reports sync with our comprehensive set of reporting and patrolling tools to provide easy access to vast amounts of data. A rich stream of information can be drilled into to provide a complete audit trail.


Flexible and easy to use straight out of the box

We provide a wide range of pre-configured customisable choices making our software easy to use straight away without the need for complicated coding or developers.

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