Bringing Live visibility to Airfield Operations

The easy to use Airfield Ops reporting system, designed in partnership with aviation experts.


Innovative reporting and auditing solution is the flexible, easy to use reporting solution for Airfield Operations. Innovative tools make Airfield Op’s activities intelligent and paperless whilst providing a live overview of inspections and checks, across the airport. Gather rich, real-time data from every operational area with our mobile apps, that record frequently carried out operational tasks, simply and effectively, including:

  • High & Low Power Engine Run Approval
  • Runway, Taxiway & Stand Inspections
  • Aircraft Self Manoeuvre Requests
  • FOD Bin & FOD Found Logs
  • Airfield Safety Checks
  • Wildlife Observations

Turn data into useful information. Our tools allow you to filter reports that prove compliance and aid traceability. The system is robust and can be relied upon. Our fully hosted cloud service provides assured security, resilience and failover as standard. Our Offline Working mode allows staff to work in any location and sync intelligently.

Wildlife Hazard Management

Prove your bird and wildlife control measures are effective and compliant with Record detailed and precise data on observations, species, frequency, locations, directions and dispersal methods that are vital for the Safety Management System (SMS) of your Airport. Our tools are configurable to suit each physical airport environment so that records are highly relevant, accurate and informative.

Live and Interactive

Wildlife reports are made available in real time as observations are carried out. Geo-location data is used to produce live maps showing the location of observations and dispersal directions. Detailed information about species, numbers and dispersal methods can all be gathered. While observation times, frequency and duration can be recorded automatically.

Critical Data Collection

Your careful control of the risks posed by wildlife, are evidenced by daily reports, showing activity out in the field. automatically collates this data, saving your team valuable hours and minutes each day so they can focus on what is really important rather than admin. Essential evidence of wildlife observations and incidents is stored in a precise and searchable format, aiding systematic data management. Making critical information readily available to those that need it.


Powerful Airfield Operations Monitoring and Management Solutions


Tracking And Traceability

Critical procedures can be tracked and traced so that you can identify, inspect and manage key assets, and complete scheduled inspections on time every time.


Approval Processes

Share key information and requests made by aviation engineers, ground handlers and others to ensure any actions taken are approved by Airfield Ops, including High & Low Power Engine Runs, Work Requests and more.


Process Assurance - Safety & Reliability

Essential infrastructure and assets can be inspected in a reliable and repeatable manner. Create tailored, detailed inspections that deliver the process adherence needed to ensure safety and security.


Issue & Defect Management Tools

Track the full lifecycle of incidents, faults and corrective actions with a detailed audit trail of key events, from creation, through to assignment and resolution, all supported by customisable Escalation Plans to inform management of any unresolved issues.


Intelligent Communication and Vital Information

Automatically send Push Messages, SMS's and E-mails to ensure that information is promptly passed to the people who need it. Messages can be easily customised to contain the key relevant information, simplifying and automating the communication that takes place between people and teams to bring real transparency and traceability to Airfield Operations.

Create tasks that logically mirror how your team interacts with Air Traffic and Airport Control centers. For instance, streamlining the approval process necessary for a High Powered Engine Run. Provide your team with inspections and procedures that are tailored to the environment and informational needs of your airport and capture the details of audits and inspections easily.

Data Integrity & Offline Working

Our Offline Working mode ensures the integrity of each piece of information as it is captured. All data is carefully recorded and synced intelligently, ensuring data is not compromised by connectivity issues.

Data Security

A raft of measures are in place to ensure security and resilience. These include regular point in time back-ups, threat monitoring, multi-layered disaster recovery and the selection of safe-guarded regional centers so that your data is always secure.

Compliance Critical Data provides a robust way of storing compliance critical data. Evidence of regulatory compliance can be easily retrieved and interrogated to provide regulatory authorities with the information that they require.


Inspections, Reports and Audits

Use to manage a suite of processes that deliver the information you need for Airfield Operations.Through these structured safety inspection activities your team will be able to record and monitor compliance critical activity. Building a rich, filterable bank of information that is stored digitally ensures essential evidence is accurate, secure and traceable.

Streamlined digital procedures bring consistency, repeatability and process adherence to all your audit checks and inspections. delivers a powerful solution for a wide range of regular operational activities as well as the option to create tailored local reporting procedures to suit your specific needs.

Security Patrolling

Read more about our innovative security inspection and reporting solutions, which can be adapted to suit your operational needs. Manage, inspect, report and audit all compliance critical inspections and more with

Product Overview has been designed from the ground up to be a flexible reporting platform. Teams across your whole business can use to capture information about the checks, inspections and reports the carry out across your whole organisation, no matter how wide spread it is.

Through this managers and senior managemnet can have a live view of reporting activity from safety, security and operational teams.

Birmingham Airport Case Study

Birmingham Airport is the starting point for more than 140 direct worldwide destinations and handles almost thirteen million passengers every year. The 150 companies on site collectively employ more than 7,000 people.

Learn how helps Birmingham Airport with over 20,000 airport wide reporting processes per month.

The wildlife reporting, inspection and auditing solution for Airfield Operations

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