Security Electronic Management System

SeMS - Aviation Security Management

FIND OUT MORE is the data and evidential back bone of your SeMS. Quickly and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures in detail, live as they happen. This in turn provides a complete audit trail of your security management approach. Our SeMS provision delivers:

  • Performance monitoring and assessment of your whole security team.
  • A flexible and updatable system.
  • Step by step detail of security incidents from start to resolution.
  • Informed process review and risk assessment.
  • Tracking and management of risk mitigation measures to ensure they are completed on plan.
  • Clearly presented incident response steps and actions. helps to ensure tasks and processes are rigorous, reliable, consistent and effective throughout your security operation. Security processes are visible to your board and senior management through so they can be assured that ongoing SeMS provision is clearly defined, actively managed and robust.


Accountability and Responsibility

Clearly defined accountability and responsibility at every level throughout an organisation is vital for security to be effective.’s intelligent workflow engine ensure those responsible hear about issues as soon as they are raised.


Security is everyone’s responsibility and our system is the stronghold for clear and traceable audits, checks and reports. Staff across the airport see checks being logged at key points in their journey through the airport or facility, making it clear that live reporting is happening from all critical areas, thus they know they have to follow procedure.This establishes and promotes a culture of accountability amongst teams and managers airport wide.


Through you can establish defined Escalation Plans making the who, what and where of responsibilities clear. When an issue is raised relevant staff can be automatically notified of actions that need to be taken and they can, in turn, confirm how and when the issue has been resolved. Details of each communication and action are also recorded and stored automatically providing a data trail of each incident.

SeMS Incident Response

Agile incident response process is a dynamic solution that allows you to continually review and adapt your security operation. Intelligent flexibility is built in so that updates are straightforward and can be rolled-out immediately, essential for a dynamic response to an ever-changing threat landscape.

Intelligent escalation enables you to embed escalation plans within your SeMS to ensure any high level risks are actioned. Escalation alerts inform named teams or individuals when action needs to be taken raising staff awareness of their roles and responsibilities, through email, sms and notifications. Serious issues can not be ignored because you have the power to assign tasks to specific teams and people and escalate an issue to senior managers until it is resolved.

Track the lifecycle of an incident

Track an incident through its lifecycle from issue raised right through to resolution. This clear overview of the whole security operation means that you can trace lines of responsibility and remedial action taken as well as the what, where and when details of an incident. This helps to ensure a robust and cohesive incident response process with informed post-incident analysis, which can lead to ongoing process improvement.

Resource & Performance Management

Robust and informed resource and performance monitoring, management and maintenance


Testing, servicing and maintenance

Record the testing, servicing and maintenance of security equipment and schedule regulatory checks at specified frequencies. Key people can be informed if any checks or procedures have not been delivered within timescale. These safeguards help you to remain compliant.


Monitoring Third-party suppliers

Accurately measure and monitor third-party output activity against service levels. Delivering a clear overview of their activity and a body of evidence that proves security measures have been delivered appropriately.


Detailed and timely information about all your resources

Information from security processes can be automatically collated making it accessible to managers as it occurs. As such it comes without the administrative overhead and time-delay inherent with paper or excel based systems.


Improved efficiency and reduced admin time

Information from security processes can be automatically collated making it accessible to managers as it occurs. As such it comes without the administrative overhead and time-delay inherent with paper or excel based systems.


Threat and Risk Management is flexible and can be used to create risk assessments, inspections and patrols for all areas of your operation with ease. Risk mitigation actions can be tracked with a detailed and complete audit trail, so that risk is effectively managed. Potential risks can be recorded, managed and understood and mitigated appropriately making a practical and innovative part of your risk assessment and threat management process.

Enriched SeMS education and training

Through our Workflow Designer we can embed guidance for staff, making training implicit in their day to day activities. Using narrative, pictures and advice to deliver enriched training, that guides staff through tasks and inspections. Achieving great consistency and standardisation of security procedures at the point of delivery.

Performance monitoring and assessment is a powerful performance monitoring and assessment tool. Dashboards and reports present high-level information in an easy-to-read format. Potential security weaknesses and oversights are visible, highlighting potential training needs and informing management decisions.

Updatable Procedures and Guidance

Security tasks can be refined, adapted and introduced in response to changing regulatory needs. This capability also allows for other ongoing process improvements, giving you a really flexible and responsive SeMS.


Secure and Intelligent Communication across your SeMS

Our Workflow designer has been designed from the ground-up to facilitate great communication, at the right time to the right people. Enabling information to flow throughout your organisation securely and efficiently. By harnessing intelligent technology you have the power to choose the most useful communication pathways between individuals, teams and management. Whether on the ground, in the office or at the board you can see, report, and understand the true picture at each level, in real time as soon as reports or incidents occur.

Measure and assess the effectiveness of communication across your whole security team easily. allows key users to view information at management level. The immediacy and security of communication within delivers an efficient and effective SeMS solution for you and your teams.

Security Patrolling

Read more about our innovative security inspection and reporting solutions, which can be adapted to suit your operational needs. Manage, inspect, report and audit all compliance critical inspections and more with

Patrol Control

Sophisticated security patrolling made simple Designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet flexible and straightforward to use.

Security patrolling and inspections can be tailored to answer the demands of your SeMS. Our flexibility makes it easy for operations teams and managers to ask the right questions and complete patrols and inspections across your airport.

Birmingham Airport Case Study

Birmingham Airport is the starting point for more than 140 direct worldwide destinations and handles almost thirteen million passengers every year. The 150 companies on site collectively employ more than 7,000 people.

Learn how helps Birmingham Airport with over 20,000 airport wide reporting processes per month.

Capture detailed information of people, places and things to inform operational decisions and prove compliance with

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