Security Inspection & Patrol Solutions

The flexible and intuitive security system designed in partnership with aviation security experts.


The Flexible and Intuitive Paperless Patrolling Solution has been designed and built to address the challenges of operational reporting, in particular the needs of aviation security patrolling. Our extensive experience working in partnership with aviation industry security experts has enabled us to develop a powerful patrolling and inspection system.

Managers can now effectively track and efficiently manage a wide variety of security checks, inspections and incidents. This can all be done through and our suite of dedicated mobile apps. Providing you with world class security management software that is fully hosted, with security, resilience, failover and scalability built in.

Our hallmarks are flexibility and ease of use providing a truly innovative solution for real time, intelligent, paperless security reporting and inspections.

Capture high quality information that proves compliance.

Monitor and capture detailed information across all compliance-critical areas with live visibility of your entire security operation.

Easily record and monitor location and frequency of compliance critical activity.

Defined security workflows ensure consistency, repeatability and process adherence to ensure risk is monitored and managed in critical sites.

The Flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory demands.

Designed and built specifically to be easy to use and modify so that you can accommodate any patrolling, personnel and other changes yourself. Whilst process improvements can be implemented by you and your team with ease, without the need for developers.

Security electronic Management System (SeMS) Overview

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Reporting & Patrolling

The powerful functionality of is designed to provide Managers with a flexible reporting and patrolling solution. Collate detailed inspection information with our rich toolset of geo-location, mapping, start, finish and duration data to build simple or complex reports and patrolling plans.


Track Location

Track Location and status of tasks and personnel on an interactive map and gather proof of presence from random or planned security checkpoints.


Real Time Reports

Live access to report data provides real benefit in measuring activity and completeness of inspection regimes whilst automated problem escalation to business owners ensures active management of any issues raised.



Reporting regimes are customisable for any specific environment and with a huge variety of options... Together an incredibly rich evidence base is available to draw upon.


Critical Data Collated

Automatically collated data saves time and improves access to critical information.


Live and interactive management of people, teams and tasks through real time status tracking

Monitor, assess, train and deliver efficiencies for you and your team with workflows that provide easily accessible, detailed information on activity and performance. Transparent oversight of third party suppliers facilitates continuous improvement and performance, raising standards and increasing compliance awareness.


e - Security Management System is the data and evidential back bone of SeMS. With you can quickly and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures in detail, live as they happen. This in turn provides a complete audit trail of your security management approach.

Performance monitoring and assessment of your whole security team is easy achieved using our flexible system. Manage security incidents from start to finish with step by step detail from incident raised to resolution. Use this data to review processes and assess risk. helps Security Managers track and manage risk mitigation measures to ensure they are completed on plan.


Incident Management

Immediate awareness of incidents and breaches via a live information stream that keeps key people and teams informed. Intelligent and customisable automated messaging service to escalate serious issues instantly to ensure they are promptly dealt with by the right people. Data is collected and stored digitally which ensures essential evidence of people, vehicles and incidents is precise, secure and traceable. Filter from a complete audit trail of data to produce fully traceable and trackable incident reports, whenever or wherever security has been compromised.

Online and Offline working

Online and Offline Modes ensure each piece of information is recorded and synced intelligently, ensuring data is not compromised by connectivity issues.

Data Security

A raft of measures including regular point in time back-ups, threat monitoring, multi-layered disaster recovery and safe-guarded regional centers ensures that data is secure.

Digital data collection, combined with systematic data storage & management gives insight and evidence, as well as access to SLA measures and evidence of regulatory compliance. Secure and structured data storage to serve SeMS needs.

SeMS is the data and evidential back bone of your SeMS. Quickly and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures in detail, live as they happen. This in turn provides a complete audit trail of your security management approach.

Patrol Control

Sophisticated security patrolling made simple Designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet flexible and straightforward to use.

Security patrolling and inspections can be tailored to answer the demands of your SeMS. Our flexibility makes it easy for operations teams and managers to ask the right questions and complete patrols and inspections across your airport.

Birmingham Airport Case Study

Birmingham Airport is the starting point for more than 140 direct worldwide destinations and handles almost thirteen million passengers every year. The 150 companies on site collectively employ more than 7,000 people.

Learn how helps Birmingham Airport with over 20,000 airport wide reporting processes per month.

Capture detailed information of people, places and things to inform operational decisions and prove compliance with

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