Adaptability - Don't be a Dodo

Survival of the fittest depends on responding quickly to the changing needs in our working environment

Darwin's thoughts are as true for businesses today as they were for flightless birds and enables our customers to have the flexibility to adapt and change efficiently and effectively to meet shifting demands.

Innovate or be consigned to history

There are huge operational and competitive advantages in being able to adapt quickly. The vision is one of completely connected “reporting worlds”, in which large environments like airports, manufacturing facilities and ports with high safety and compliance standards are interconnected by real-time reporting.

Adaptability and evolution in real-time reporting

Our Workflow Designer was developed from the ground-up to give teams the power to adapt. Providing the tools and flexibility, which allow them to control their reporting, ensuring the right information is gathered at the right time, in response to the changing demands of the fast-paced modern workplace.

A swift response is imperative in heavily regulated and compliance critical business sectors. Where a change in government or regulatory frameworks needs to be quickly reflected in reporting procedures like Safety Audits, Security Inspections and Field Reports. Our revolutionary Workflow Designer can be harnessed by the teams involved to quickly adapt and respond, providing access to the right information where and when it is needed.

In practice a well thought out workflow or process is seldom 100% right first time. We’ve all heard of process improvement and optimisation. Then again, perhaps the those dodos hadn’t! The simple fact of life is that real world user testing, out in the field, always highlights ways to do things better. This is where our Workflow Designer comes into it’s own. It empowers teams to create, test and optimise their own reporting processes. And then iteratively test and optimise them, to get things just right. Given that the tools are easy to use this is a piece of cake!

It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

Charles Darwin

Our technical team are constantly inventing new ways to help you capture information better, whilst paper-based systems seem doomed to the same fate as the Dodo.

We are forward-thinking so that you and your business can be too, thereby ensuring that the field reporting, inspections and checks in your business is robust and fit for the challenges and opportunities of the Twenty-First Century.