In the Picture

Harnessing the power of the visual image within your task management workflows

The picture component within our workflow tool both enhances and widens the potential of many task management applications. By utilising the power of this visual capability mobile reporting, checking and training scenarios can all be enriched and made more user-friendly. Images can prompt a clearer and more immediate response than pages and pages of the written word. There is so much to explore within the diverse world of the picture component that it warrants a closer look.

If I can't picture it, I can't understand it.

Albert Einstein

Perhaps one of the simplest ways that visual components, such as photographs, can be used is as a list. A choice of images can be displayed, which can be captioned and instructed accordingly, for example as a multiple-choice list. This can then aid identification and selection, such as in choosing the correct type of bird when collecting bird-strike data.

The picture component can also display images at a larger scale as a card view. In this case the image is the hero and it is useful in scenarios where more visual detail is beneficial. Map views can really be honed in on to confirm that the correct inspection area has been selected or to highlight areas of concern for example.

Auditing Applications

The picture tool can also be used as a prompt to ensure that a place or thing looks as it should. A visual component can replace the ambiguity of a statement such as, “Is the work area clear?” with an image showing explicitly, “The area should look like this”. Equipment audits can also benefit from the use of images from confirming the right type of electricity meter has been inspected to highlighting where an item should be checked.

Primary Images: As Training Aid and check, check, checker...

The facility for images to be highly location specific also enables on-site training for a particular task. A simple yes/no decision component allows the most appropriate pathway to be chosen by the user, so that guidance can be given to new-users whilst experienced hands need not choose the intensive instruction route. Instructions can be as quick or as in-depth as a task requires. Images can be annotated and explanatory text included providing a focused training aid for new starters, raising awareness and understanding of the usual working practices of the organisation.

Once teams have dipped a toe into the waters of our picture component the use and potential workflow applications become a torrent of visual possibilities. As a facilitating force across so many areas from security, to training, from compliance to health and safety the capability to prompt, guide, map, train and check using visuals is invaluable.

We are forward-thinking so that you and your business can be too, thereby ensuring that the field reporting, inspections and checks in your business is robust and fit for the challenges and opportunities of the Twenty-First Century.