Location, location, location

It might be the well-worn mantra of choice for estate agents and house-buyers alike but when it comes to reports and inspections carried out in the field, location really is of vital importance.

The, “where” of things can really prove decisive, “Quick!..the volcano has erupted!” is only useful if we know whether it is Herculaneum or Hilo that needs to be evacuated.

Geo-location harnesses the power of GPS technology to precisely identify the position of a person or action through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Being presented with a live view of where people are is an extremely powerful way of managing teams and their effectiveness. Our new realtime mapping provides you with the capability to do this. Imagine having a birds-eye view of all your teams activities.

All interactions are captured via our mobile app so that every time a person answers a question, takes a picture, records a date, or logs a time, geo-location information is gathered. The mapping capability within realtimeknowledge.com does this for each user every time, providing another rich dimension to all our mobile reporting processes.

Real-time as opposed to retrospective reporting means that teams and managers can see the who, what, when and where of every inspection carried out. Seeing results appear live on a map gives a real sense of timescale and frequency, which can be vitally important in safety, security and compliance critical areas. It is empowering for managers to have an immediate and visible, live picture of on-the-ground reality. Our realtime mapping capability provides a revolutionary new form of team management and reporting; that a passive, paper-based, end-of-the-day system can never do. The pulse of activity can be checked, read and responded to in realtime.