Conducting the Orchestra

You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it...

...but how do you ensure that each part of the "orchestra" is visible and accountable when it is the size of an airport? How do you know what is happening day by day "on the ground" when there are a vast number of people and processes involved in an ever-changing environment? Even if paper reports are submitted and typed up they provide "old-news" that can be open to inaccuracies and miss-information. It can be difficult to have a clear overall picture straight away with a paper-based system and their lack of immediacy can also mean that alarm bells are late to sound or don't ring at all!

Just as a good band leader spots the dissonant saxophone player or rhythmically-challenged tambourine, managers and team leaders need clear information about what is happening in their "orchestra". Real-time information enables problem areas to be flagged-up immediately which can then be dealt with straight away. Modern technology has given us the means to record a wide range of detailed data, from times, dates and images to customer feedback operational and security checks, providing the specifics needed to inform decisions and ensure compliance throughout your organisation. By harnessing the speed, instant adaptability and recording capabilities of modern software there is the opportunity to have a clear and accurate picture of what is happening on-the-ground providing real benefit to safety, security and compliance critical areas.

Ensuring security threats are managed and contained requires effective and clear communication liaising between all agencies from the CAA, to the airport to security patrol teams. It is important to check the checker and that any vulnerabilities or weak links are visible, raised and immediately dealt with.'s reporting tools provide that pulse of live information. Enabling team leaders to ensure that their teams meet stringent operational, security and business demands.

Our user-friendly interface has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use so that tasks can be both created and adapted by managers and team leaders themselves. This gives you total and immediate control over your own reports and processes. Just as a listener can follow the orchestra or band, sensing the rhythm, results flow in the form of rich data from activities teams are carrying out. This allows the Team Manager to be just like the conductor, at the heart of the processes. Ensuring that their team come in on time, keep the rhythm and don't miss a beat!