Randomising Workflow Logic

The latest addition to the workflow designer within realtimeknowledge.com is our new random question component.

Whenever and wherever high quality information needs to be gathered or checks made at random realtimeknowledge.com newest feature gives teams the power to incorporate this into their workflows.

There are many possible applications where this is a great facility to have, including security checks, testing and examination scenarios. Humans are creatures of habit and our new tool eliminates the problems associated with our tendency to work in this way by providing an efficient and pure random logic to any workflow element. It demonstrates transparency to regulatory bodies, such as the CAA and governance teams of proven, unbiased outcomes which can not be predicted, ensuring that the information collected is truly compliant.

From airfields to construction sites to manufacturing facilities and beyond realtimeknowledge.com continues to deliver brilliant solutions. Our team are always dreaming up new ideas to make our intelligent reporting processes richer and we are looking forward to seeing all the great applications our keen workflow designers create using our most recent addition to the rich toolset they already have.