Security's Multi-Tool

Powerful & extremely flexible. In fact we've built the Swiss Army knife of reporting toolkits.

With an impressive array of information gathering capabilities has the flexibility to be utilised throughout your business, whether that be in operations, health & safety or HR.

For today’s newsletter we’re focusing on Security.

Security is a business critical area where tracking activity is vitally important in demonstrating that sufficient checks and safeguards are taking place in your organisation. We’ve used the tool kits to develop an extensive selection of security inspections and reports to suit a wide range of scenarios. Utilising this has enabled our own consultants and our client’s teams to create complete suites of reports enabling organisations to monitor, assess and prove their level of compliance.

Identification is a key concept in the Security world, whether it be People, Places or Things and encompasses them all. Workflows that use our Scan component provide assurance that a security officer has physically travelled to inspect a person, place or thing and scanned it. Through this we can build up a detailed picture of security activity around a clients site.

Our Scan Component is something that we have invested time in getting right. Our barcode scanning software is fast, extremely powerful and supports hundreds of barcode types. Combine this with the ability to scan in low light conditions and with obscured barcodes and you’ve got a great portable scanner in your mobile app.

To enhance our identification capabilities we’re now doing some great RnD around the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) chips. These come in many forms and can be discreet tags that can be positioned in key locations, which are great for security check points. NFC does have the advantage of discretion and anonymity over barcodes, which are very clearly visible and copyable, so it is useful to be able to choose which is the most suitable option for a particular situation. These are great tools to have in your arsenal and are an effective way to track and identify assets.

Next is our Random Component, introduced just a few weeks ago. This is one of the logic components in our Workflow Designer and is invaluable for security scenarios where random questions or areas of inspection are required. One of the benefits to not having repeatable steps in any security process is that it adds another layer of complexity that helps to thwart anyone trying to breach security.

Undoubtedly our randomising capability is a really useful tool; In fact it has proved to be so good that it has got our RnD juices going and the exciting word back at base is that we have another randomising tool in the pipeline. Hush, hush for now but look out for some exciting developments in the second quarter of the year.

Evidence is essential and can provide this in spades. Images are a key part of this and our picture and photo features can, literally, paint a powerful picture. Photographs captured during our workflows provide vital additional information about security risks and incidents. These can be sent to managers across an organisation in realtime as they are captured to inform them of the situation on the ground.

The real power of all the workflow capabilities we have considered today from identification, scanning, randomising, photos (and more!) is that they are bound together by time and geo-location. This temporal and spatial “glue” renders the whole even greater than the sum of its parts. Knowing where and when each event in a workflow took place is key. Teams and managers know the Who, What, When and Where of each individual security inspection that is carried out using’s desktop and mobile tools.

The Swiss Army knife has become the ubiquitous standard not only because it has all the essential tools but because it is so easy to use and our clients are finding the same is true of the tool kit. People can build rich, complex and intelligent reporting processes using intuitive and simple tools.